Friday, January 22, 2021

General retailers most likely to gain access to shopper‘s information

A new survey has revealed that over half of social network users in the UK (53%) are willing to share data from their social media profiles to see products and content relevant to their interests, according to new research from Intent HQ.

The study, which involved 2,000 UK adults, showed that around a third of people (32%) agree they have become more selective in the information they share about likes and interests on social networks.

General retailers (39%) and supermarkets (38%) topped the most likely categories that people would share their information with as wide-ranging retailers proved valuable in the growing e-commerce industry. Music (29%), travel (22%) and film & TV (22%) were also share-worthy topics for people.

The data also sheds light on differing behaviours between men and women, with men more likely use their social profile for content recommendations, such as music, videos or articles. Women are more likely to share their public social data for relevant online deals, and are also more likely to turn to social networks for advice ideas on leisure activities.

Jonathan Lakin, CEO of Intent HQ, said: “The statistics clearly show the value of social data in personalisation as people are becoming more savvy and selective about what they share on social networks. He added, “It‘s also interesting that it is the youngest age group that is most open to sharing their social data, a sign that this is only going to grow.”

The study did find some resistance to sharing social data on other websites, with the biggest barrier being privacy concerns, annoying notifications and irritating friends with irrelevant updates voted most maddening.


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