Asda’s new ‘Rapid Scan’ to revolutionise check-out


New technology developed by Asda will see airport style mini scanners at high-speed supermarket check-outs.

The innovation takes the idea of the self-scan check-outs, which have been introduced in hundreds of stores for people with just a few items, to a new level.

The retailer claim that customers will scan their grocery‘s up to three times faster than doing it by hand. Each item scans in less than one second – 100 per minute.

Asda‘s Retail Director, Mark Ibbotson, said: “Mums tell us one of the main things they want us to do for them is save them time. We‘re always looking at ways we can improve their shopping experience – and Rapid Scan is a technological triumph in that area.
He added: “We‘re the first to bring this amazing machine to our shoppers before anyone else, so we are really excited to hear what everyone thinks of it.”

The new cashless check-outs have already gone into operation at the supermarket‘s York store yesterday.

Asda‘s biggest challenge will be to convince customers that technology will work better than a face to face dealing with a real person, with many people preferring to leave supermarket computers and scanners to staff.

Wincor Nixdorf, a German tech firm, have developed the technology with Asda. The retailer will gauge the reaction from customers and staff to during a trial period, before rolling it out to other stores.