Tuesday, April 23, 2019

ChannelAdvisor now allows customers to sell through Tesco and Amazon


ChannelAdvisor is now enabling customers to sell through Tesco and Amazon to provide marketplace support in regions such as Japan and China.

The company say they will give Tesco and Amazon access to millions of new customers around the globe by simplifying cross-border trade and cross channel e-commerce.

New features launched with this year‘s Autumn release on ChannelAdvisor include Actionable Retail Insights for Amazon, eBay, Google and Bing which will provide recommendations for actions that retailers can take to improve their offerings and services.

“The goal of this year‘s Autumn Release is to further break down the boundaries of countries, devices, time zones and channels, bridging the gaps of commerce expansion and cross-border trade for online retailers,” said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo.

ChannelAdvisor, which is now is now available in French, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and English, claim the Actionable Retail Insights programme makes it possible to identify more than 100 possible products that make sense to sell on Amazon and said they have an ‘intelligent way to identify inventory opportunities within minutes.‘