Saturday, January 22, 2022

Soon your parcels will find YOU

The days of having to wait at home for a delivery, or visiting a depot to pick up a missed parcel, will soon be over, claims web-based courier Fastlane International.In fact the company predicts your deliveries will be coming to find you.

New developments in GPS and mobile phone technology means parcel deliveries can now be made direct to you, wherever you are, or straight into the boot of your car. It might sound the stuff of science-fiction, but in fact such services are already being trialled.

David Jinks MILT, Fastlane International‘s Head of Public Relations says:

“The technology that enables your sat-nav to guide you to your destination, or your smartphone to know the best places to eat or the weather overhead, wherever you are, can also be used to guide people and deliveries directly to you. Our research reveals that, very soon, everything from food to shoes to mobile tablets will be able to be delivered to your precise destination. If you are in a city, the service could be not just same day, but same hour or even quicker.”

Companies in the UK such as Shutl already use GPS to deliver items like forgotten keys or laundry, 24 hours a day to a specific address, within times significantly less than an hour at certain locations. What Fastlane is predicting, is that very soon couriers will be able to deliver to the kerbside wherever you are. The same technology that drives Apps including ‘Find My Phone‘ or ‘Maps‘ on your smartphone can be used to locate you, providing you have your phone or Smartwatch on you. That means there will be no need to wait at a particular location; shoppers can carry on their day uninterrupted and, whether they are at work, the gym or on their way to a café; the delivery man can locate them.

If you don‘t want your parcel delivered directly to you, how about to your car? Drop boxes have proved a popular alternative to home delivery, but, even more conveniently, your car can effectively be a mobile locker – and you don‘t even need to be with it to take delivery. Volvo‘s Roam Delivery service has been trialled successfully in Sweden in conjunction with an online grocery provider and a third party delivery company. Shopper‘s items are delivered straight to their car, which is located through GPS and unlocked and relocked through Volvo‘s On Call technology.

And the UK is leading the way with direct-to-your-car deliveries thanks to companies such as Cardrops. Sign up for the service and a small beacon transmitter is installed in your vehicle. This can then be used to trace your car and unlock/lock it remotely when the delivery arrives. The company even tracks patterns of parking behaviour in order to plan parcel deliveries. And if people are worried about security all the information is time limited and the tracking can be switched off at any time. This kind of service is bound to catch on, predicts Fastlane.

Says Jinks:

“Recent IMRG research showed that failed deliveries cost UK retailers £771 million a year. That cost could be almost eliminated when next generation delivery technology is introduced.”


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