Monday, January 24, 2022

Neiman Marcus debuts the world‘s first digital mirror

Luxury fashion retailer Neiman Marcus yesterday announced the rollout of the MemoryMirror.

The MemoryMirror captures images and video of everything consumers try on, allowing them to see outfits side by side as well as a 360-degree view. The images can be shared via email, social media, or with a sales associate for future recommendations.

MemoMi and The Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab worked together for several months to develop a product that was unique to Neiman Marcus. Significant research was done on user behavior and developing the interfaces to create the best overall experience. A special sales associate interface was added to allow associates to send personalised recommendations to customers directly from the mirror.

“Superior customer service starts with a great overall experience. The Memory Mirror allows our customers to capture a variety of still and video images that can be shared with friends and allow the customer to see how an outfit looks front and back and while moving. The initial introduction resulted in an immediate and positive reaction, and we‘re looking forward to delivering this unique experience to more customers as we roll it out into additional stores.” says Wanda Gierhart, Chief Marketing Officer, Neiman Marcus Group.


Neiman Marcus illustration

Neiman Marcus illustration


“The future of fashion retail lies in the fusion of the in-store and online shopping. We are very pleased that Neiman Marcus has selected MemoryMirror to harness the potential of merging these two worlds, and we are excited to see a premier luxury retailer lead the revolution” added Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky, Founder and CEO of MemoMi.

With competitors including Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale‘s, the new addition to Neiman Marcus highlight‘s the specialist retailer‘s commitment to a luxury, multi-branded, omnichannel offering.


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