Thursday, June 24, 2021

Coca Cola is looking to end its six years of ‘Happiness‘

Coca Cola Co. has invited 10 roster agencies from around the world to pitch ideas for its next big global campaign.

A representative for the soft drinks giant said in a statement that “We have invited a selection of our key agencies from around the world to bring their best thinking to Coca-Cola in order to create the strongest work for our flagship brand”.

The new campaign could potentially end the long-running “Open Happiness” campaign which launched in 2009 during American Idol and replaced the previous “The Coke Side of Life” slogan.

“Open Happiness” was used by the fizzy drinks maker as its slogan in print, television and digital marketing and was rolled out to over 200 markets globally, winning multiple awards, including over 60 Cannes Lions.

On top of their recent 100th year anniversary commemoration pop-up shop campaign, Coca Cola‘s new CMO, Marcos Quinto, and the unfortunate #MakeItHappy campaign incident on Twitter during the SuperBowl, could be major factors in the brand‘s decision to start a fresh campaign and lifting the brand‘s image.

It is unclear as to how long the pitch and selection process will take, or when the global brand might unveil the new campaign, but the Coca Cola is reportedly looking for fresh messaging to ensure the brand continues to have global appeal, engage and entertain consumers and guarantees business growth.

After McDonald‘s reported its first fall in sales in 12 years, with sales in 2014 dropping by 7% and annual profits plunging by 15%, the home of Big Mac and Quarter Pounder launched one of its biggest global marketing drives since its “I‘m lovin‘ it” campaign – 24 hours of joy. The #imlovinit24 campaign was tailored to suit the tastes of 24 cities, in 24 countries, in 24 hours.

With Coca Cola Co. due to unveil their quarterly earnings on April 22, the company could be using the new campaign as McDonald‘s 24 hours of joy has done, with the hopes of boosting the brand.


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