Saturday, August 17, 2019

River Island to launch plus-size clothing


River Island”¯will cater to plus-sized customers with a new clothing range, RI Plus. 

The new line will be comprised of core and main fashion styles in sizes 18 to 24, Vogue reported. The collection, which will become available in stores from March 2016, is to include pieces across categories, from party and workwear to core basics and denim. RI Plus will be available in selected stores as well as online.”¯

“We’re excited about giving great fashion to more women, we feel this is the right time for the brand to expand our size range offering,” River Island Marketing Director”¯Josie Roscop said yesterday. 

“Ultimately, it’s about fashion and being inclusive.”

For the year to December 27 2014, the high street fashion retailer recorded a 69.4% increase in pre-tax profits to £149.1m, as turnover grew 10.4% to £925.8m.

Rising profits follow the retailer‘s investment in opening flagship stores both in the domestic market and abroad, as well as in its IT systems which resulted in a 10% loss in profits the previous year. 

River Island has now expanded into South America, following store openings in Estonia, Malta, the Philippines and South Africa last year. The chain continues to grow its presence in the UK, Sweden, Holland and the Middle East.