Wednesday, September 22, 2021

New Ombudsman chair appointed as retail continues to be biggest complaints sector

Ombudsman Services have today announced Lord Tim Clement-Jones as its new chair, effective from today.

With extensive experience in both the communications and legal sectors, one of Clement-Jones‘ career highlights was his contribution to the Shopping Hours Reform Campaign and the subsequent Sunday Trading Act 1993, which improved consumers‘ access to products and services in retail.

Clement-Jones was also the former spokesperson in the House of Lords for Culture, Media and Sport during the coalition government of 2010 to 2015.

Ombudsman Services believe his vast experience will boost its work in raising awareness of consumer rights and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) across the UK.

The organisation‘s 2016 Consumer Action Monitor found that retail was the most complained about sector.

In addition, according to the Ombudsman Services 13 million complaints were made in the retail sector in 2015, and the ones the organisation recieves accounts for 23 per cent of total complaints – making it the largest sector it deals with.

Joining Clement-Jones on the Ombudsman Services board as non-executive directors are Sir Leigh Lewis, Michele Ibbs and Lisa Tennant.

Ombudsman Services chief Lewis Shand said these appointments demonstrate the organisation‘s “commitment to high-quality complaints handling”.

“[Clement-Jones‘] extensive leadership experience will help us to navigate and grow at a time where alternative dispute resolution is becoming ever more important to both companies and consumers,” Shand said.

“Sir Leigh, Michele and Lisa will also bring a wealth of experience that will help us to continue our important work at this exciting time, where consumer rights are high on the public agenda.”


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