Britain now has the most demanding customers in the world


New research has revealed that Britain‘s expectation of good customer service is now the highest in the world.

A study conducted by ContactEngine and YouGov has shown that Britain is at an all-time high in its expectation of good customer service, with 18 per cent of those studied claiming they will switch to another business after a single bad customer experience.

Only 10 per cent of American‘s, who previously held title of most demanding nation, said they would leave a business after a single poor experience.

94 per cent of Brits say they have a higher expectation of customer service than three years ago, putting our expectations of being treated well by retailers at an all time high.

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In the UK the South West and Scotland have been found to be most demanding areas, with 59 per cent of Scots saying that they would never use a company again after more than one poor customer service experience, compared to America‘s 44 per cent.

 “While historically, Britain was known for tolerant consumers and indifferent customer service, clearly this research is showing a considerable shift,” ContactEngine chief executive Dr. Mark K. Smith said.  

“US businesses pride themselves on strong customer service, and American consumer intolerance to bad service is notably high.  Now that service in Britain has improved over the years, consumer expectations have also increased. 

“It‘s a warning to businesses that they can no longer hide behind poor service, and British people are more than willing to switch companies if they make just one mistake.”

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