Special Feature: Making your email campaigns stand out

Email marketing has become a mainstay for any business aiming to reach out to its customers, holding the potential to cheaply and effectively reach thousands of potential shoppers at the touch of a button. If not done correctly however, it also holds the potential to damage a business‘s reputation and alienate customers already loyal to a brand. 

As customers grow accustomed to having their inboxes bombarded with marketing campaigns, it is becoming harder and harder for businesses to grab and hold customer attention. Gone are the days when the success of a campaign was defined by simple click through metrics and an extensive digital address book, the potential power of the email marketing and saturation of campaigns have led to advanced metrics which allow businesses to gain a clear picture of their campaigns efficacy. 

Commerce marketing automation provider Bronto has assembled a guide aiming to help businesses navigate their way through the increasingly complex world of email marketing and pinpoint how they can get the most out of their campaigns. 

Depending on the how sophisticated a business‘s email marketing program currently is, and what resources are available to improve it, will determine where an effective starting point should be. 

For instance, Bronto states that for campaigners who have already started to look at segmentation, the next steps should look at recent and lapsed purchasers, cart abandoners and top spenders and focus campaigns differently for each. 

Whatever results a business gains from the initial campaign, will in turn determine the next steps. As more information is procured from a customer base and what is and isn‘t working becomes clear, new metrics and segments can be introduced to a campaign allowing small tweaks with every new email for maximum efficiency. 

However complex or sophisticated a company‘s campaign may be, what‘s essential for every business is to start by determining goals. Whether this be building loyalty or testing the waters of ecommerce only by pinpointing in which areas a campaign should succeed in can the correct metrics and techniques be highlighted and put to use.  

Once a clear set of goals has been established and a relevant set of metrics has been selected, the next step is to analyse the data. This is done be benchmarking, either against a business‘s previous results against industry rivals. Through comparison it‘s easy to establish if your business is doing better than it was, and whether it is doing as well as it should be. 

After all this a concise and accurate plan of action can be drawn up, eliminating trial and error and determining exactly how to set about achieving goals. In a digital world saturated with online marketing, any successful business will know that a great ecommerce operations takes more than just a big list of contacts. 

To find out more, dowload the latest Measuring Matters guide by Bronto. Click here


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