Discount shoppers shift from Labour diehards to Tory voters

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Aldi and Lidl shoppers are now more likely to vote Conservative, despite coming from strong  Labour areas  in the 2010 election, according to a new survey.

GlobalData‘s Consumer Sentiment Tracker has revealed that both Tesco and Sainsbury‘s shoppers also favour the Tories, while the other Big 4 retailers Asda and Morrisons are predominantly Labour supporters.

GlobalData’s results are based on data from 1886 shoppers asked who they were intending to vote for and where they usually shopped.

If supermarkets represented parliamentary seats, the results of the survey would show a Tory majority government, benefiting from the two German discounters swing to the right.

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Just over 40 per cent and almost 45 per cent of consumers said they were voting Conservative in Aldi and Lidl respectively.

In 2015 shoppers at the pair showed significant support for UKIP, and it is thought that far more of these voters have swung to the Tories than have to Labour.

Recent pushes into more areas and a changing perception of discount shopping has also seen an influx of more affluent shoppers visit Aldi and Lidl, pinching market share from places like Waitrose, which posted the highest amount of Tory support at 46 per cent.

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