UK shelves could be left empty without good Brexit deal


Shelves across the UK could be left bare if the government does not issue additional investment to secure a customs deal with the EU.

In a report published this morning, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has warned that without wider recondition of the complexities of trading with the EU, the availability of affordable quality products in the UK could plummet.

The report highlights two key points which could mean that goods like food, which needs to be transported quickly, could be held at customs in ports for two to three days leaving shelves empty.

The first is the need for significant investment in ports, roads and infrastructure in preparation of Brexit day in 2019.

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The second is establishing new agreements which avoid additional red tape potentially delaying importation.

“A strong deal on customs is absolutely essential to deliver a fair Brexit for consumers,” BRC‘s chief executive Helen Dickinson said.

“Whilst the Government has acknowledged the need to avoid a cliff-edge after Brexit day, a customs union in itself won‘t solve the problem of delays at ports.

“So to ensure supply chains are not disrupted and goods continue to reach the shelves, agreements on security, transit, haulage, drivers, VAT and other checks will be required to get systems ready for March 2019.”

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  1. This is just scaremongering, it just goes to show that we are too used to importing cheap food and not buying enough British goods. Perhaps supermarkets should increase the amount of British produce in their stores. Also we have the rest of the world to trade with who would be more than wiling to sell their fresh food products to us. It is not in the EU’s interest to make importing of goods from them difficult, they would just be self-harming on a matter of principle. UK food retailers and importers ned to start thinking more globally and stop being so negative


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