Shoppers feel same high as Formula 1 driver: Ebay

Formula 1

Online retail giant Ebay has conducted an in-depth study into the mindstates of UK shoppers, finding some experience a similar high to Formula 1 drivers finishing a race.

The research, conducted in conjunction with Myndplay, studied the neurological effects of shopping by isolating gamma brain waves of shoppers.

It found that shoppers fall into two categories which Ebay dubbed “shop-y-cats” and “inspired shoppers”.

The former, which account for 49 per cent of the population, admit to buying items simply to fit with modern trends.

Eighty-two per cent of this group felt pressure to fit in and their mental fatigue while browsing increased 30 per cent every 10 minutes.

Conversely, 84 per cent of inspired shoppers, who purchase unique items as an expression of individuality, felt a mental high similar to that of a Formula 1 driver completing a race.

“Shopping is personal,” Ebay UK vice president Rob Hattrell said.

“It’s a reflection of what makes you, you. eBay is encouraging Brits to reject the boring and beige and to stop shopping like everybody else.

“Instead, we want shoppers to be bolder and express their individuality. This fascinating research gives great insight into the highs that can be achieved when you hit the zone of inspiration and shop like nobody else.”

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