Topshop changing rooms now gender-neutral

Anthony Cuthbertson

Topshop and Topman have responded to criticism after a trans shopper was told they couldn’t use the women’s changing rooms, announcing all changing rooms will now be gender-neutral.

Travis Alabanza, a performer, was refused entry to changing rooms in Topshop in Manchester, being told instead to use the male changing rooms in Topman downstairs.


Following the incident, Alabanza took to Twitter to confront the retailer: “Hey @Topshop just experienced transphobia in your Manchester store. Not letting me use the changing room I decide is shit, sort it out.”

Alabanza added that gender-specific changing rooms put trans people at risk of harassment from other shoppers.

The tweet accusation sparked a debate which prompted the retailer to respond, stating that its changing rooms were in face all gender-neutral.

The policy was changed during summer, but some staff were reportedly not properly informed of the changes.

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  1. As a woman with daughters and granddaughters, I certainly will not be shopping in your stores, I want privacy when I undress. You have not asked what the majority of the people want, you have made it unsafe for females at the command of one MAN. Please let’s have some commen sense and let’s have some decency! Thank you very much.

    • To be clear here, this is pretty much standard across retail and always has been. Name me a shop with gendered changing rooms you’ve been in the last year?


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