Currys PC World slammed by Which? over extra laptop charges

Currys PC World

Currys PC World has issued an apology to customers after it was found to be charging additional non-advertised fees on its laptops.

Consumer watchdog Which? alleged that more than 100 customers had complained of being pressured to pay up to £40 for Currys PC World’s “Knowhow” service, with staff failing to mention it was optional.

The “Knowhow” service is an optional set-up for customers who are purchasing new laptops, including a USB recovery stick.

Although its website, which advertises the service for £35, states it is an optional extra, many customers reported ordering a laptop online at an advertised price and having the charge added unexpectedly upon collection.

In some instances, they were informed by staff that pre-setup computers were the only ones left in stock.

This issue has reportedly been ongoing for over three years, with Which? first raising the issue with the retailer in January 2015 and continuing to do so “multiple times” since.

“We are sorry to hear that some customers have been charged for a Knowhow Laptop Set-up service on their new machine when they did not request it,” a Currys PC World spokeswoman said.

“While setting up machines in advance enables customers who want the service to benefit from it straight away, it is not something everyone needs.

“We are urgently re-briefing our stores now to remind them that, in the small number of cases where only pre-set up models are available, customers should not be charged for the service when they buy their laptop.

“We ask any customers affected by this to email us directly at [email protected] so we can resolve this and feed back to our stores and regional managers.”

Which? home and product services director Alex Neill said: “This issue has been going on for more than three years without resolution and we are disappointed people are continuing to report feeling pressurised into parting with their cash.

“We want Currys to make cast-iron guarantees that it will put an end to this practice and that customers who’ve been caught out will be reimbursed.”

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  1. I remember buying a laptop at PC world and when I declined breakdown insurance I was suddenly converged on by 3 salesmen who were all yelling at me, asking if I was some sort of genius who knew how to fix any problem, and asking me what I was going to do when I had a piece of unusable junk. I tried to un-buy the laptop but they weren’t having it. Anyway, I then got paperwork for the insurance I had declined and when I complained I was told I was free to cancel within 3 months. This was over 10 years ago and it still rankles, and I still would never set foot in one of their stores again. No surprise to read they are still up to their old tricks

  2. I was treated as a moron by.salesperson lastApril when . I bought new laptop..I was coerced to by know-how which I cancelled but they subscribed me to, Macafee which
    I didn’t need as I still had 6 months left on Norton after several trips around he houses I , managed to cancel this for , this year..They even took mydebitCard back to subscribe to Macafee authority.You should be ashamed Currys.I will never shop with , you again.

  3. I bought a new hp laptop in April 2017 and was told the advertised promotion item was not available in the colour I required, that on payment of £35 I could have one pre set up complete with recovery stick.
    I argued the point with the salesman that it was illegal to advertise goods for sale that were unavailable, I eventually reluctantly bought the item and paid up the £35.
    I have emailed the company today to request a refund.
    Watch this space

  4. Re watch this space above.
    I contacted [email protected] “as advised” on 23rd march giving all details of my purchase in April 2017 taken from original receipt.
    I had an instant response from a Mr Tom Reed, on Monday 26th March advising me that Finance would contact me within 48hrs.
    Today 27th March at approx. 10:00 I was contacted by a lady from finance who immediately authorised a full refund via bacs transfer of my £34.98.
    All I can say is do as I did and contact with full receipt details.
    As a last word full marks to Mr Reed at Dixons car phone “curry’s PC World” an excellent outcome and grateful thanks.


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