Ebay partners with the City of Wolverhampton in bid to support physical retail

Ebay Q2

Ebay has launched a partnership with the city of Wolverhampton in a bid to prove that online and high street retailers can co-exist.

The online retail giant said it aims to help small businesses in the city build their online presence, following research which found 25 per cent of small retailers don’t trade online.

Its support of local retailers is also an attempt to build bridges between physical and online retailers.

The exponential growth of online retail is a key factor in the current struggles facing the high street, and supporting a physical retail presence with online operations has become essential for emerging retail businesses.

“We know that customer shopping behaviour is changing, but online should play an important part in helping businesses in our local communities to thrive,” vice president of Ebay UK Rob Hattrell said.

“I’ve seen that Wolverhampton businesses have the creativity matched with the entrepreneurial skill to create products needed and wanted all over the world – and Ebay will help them to sell in the way they want to online.”

Wolverhampton Council leader Roger Lawrence added: “I’m delighted a global brand like eBay has chosen to work with us on an initiative which is the first of its kind in the UK.

“We value our small retailers and look forward to providing support to them in the wake of a challenging national retail climate affected by changes in consumer behaviour and the economy.

“It is an exciting programme that will help businesses with their digital marketing and sales skills, giving them a solid platform for sustainable growth.”

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