Victoria Beckham to ban exotic skins in its designs

Victoria Beckham
// Victoria Beckham has pledged to ban the use of exotic skins in its designs
// Ban will be effective from autumn this year

Victoria Beckham has pledged to stop using exotic skins in its designs as of autumn this year.

The luxury fashion retailer is the latest in wanting to ban exotic skins being used as fashion.

“Victoria Beckham will cease the use of exotic skins in all collections as of autumn 19,” the retailer said in a statement.

“The Victoria Beckham brand has never used fur in its clothing or accessories collections and confirmed last year that the brand will remain fur free.”

PETA director Elisa Allen said: “Behind every crocodile, alligator, snake, or lizard handbag or pair of shoes is a violent death.

“Victoria Beckham’s decision to ban exotic skins will spare countless remarkable animals immense suffering, and PETA calls on other luxury brands to follow her kind example.”

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  1. Brava, Victoria! Nice work joining the ranks of the fashion elite who reject using exotic skins. Vegan leather can be made to look like snake and crocodile skin, so there’s no reason to slaughter reptiles for their skin.


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