Supreme Court grants Morrisons permission to appeal data breach

// Morrisons granted permission to appeal to Supreme Court over data breach case
// The data breach affected over 100,000 employees

Morrisons is due to appeal to the Supreme Court following the outbreak of a data breach which affected over 100,000 employees.

The Big 4 retailer was found tied to the data breach back in October 2018, and lost its appeal against a High Court ruling, and was eventually granted permission to appeal the case to the Supreme Court yesterday.

“While the decision to grant permission for a further appeal is of course disappointing for the claimants, we have every confidence that the right verdict will, once again, be reached,” JMW Solicitors partner Nick McAleenan said.

“It cannot be right that there should be no legal recourse where employee information is handed in good faith to one of the largest companies in the UK and then leaked on such a large scale.”

The grocer has been tied to a legal battle with over 5000 former employees for a while, and it is the first data leak class action lawsuit in UK legal history.

In 2015, Andrew Skelton, a Morrisons employee, was jailed for eight years after leaking payroll data.

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