Men are spending more on the high street

// Menswear shopping experience has improved in the past decade, according to Fashion Retail Academy
// Better clothing designs & stylish options has resulted in men spending more
// 17.1% of men said they now feel more comfortable to shop on the high street

The shopping experience for menswear has improved since the last 10 years thanks to better clothing designs and stylish options, according to new research.

A total of 34.6 per cent of men reported that the male shopping experience has improved, which has resulted in an increase of men spending high street prices, according to research from the Fashion Retail Academy.

Another 17.1 per cent of men said they now feel more comfortable to shop on the high street since the last 10 years.

A further 4.6 per cent said that menswear is now better designed, while 29.1 per cent of men said that there are more options available now.

Last year, the menswear sector grew by 22 per cent while womenswear saw its sales rise by eight per cent.

While menswear online and in-store sales remain flat over the past five years, an increasing number of men have reported that the experience of shopping has improved – making them likely to spend more.

“There are a number of contributing factors to the success of this segment – men are increasingly willing to ‘push the envelope’ in their clothing choices, stepping out of what once was considered their comfort zones,” Fashion Retail Academy lecturer Anthony McGrath said.

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  1. % of HOW MANY men? This tells us nothing. Sample size is important.
    A lot of these articles just spout percentages out with no other information.


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