82% Brits shop online monthly as preferred items are revealed

In-store and online shopping
// Eurostat found that 82% Brits shop online each month
// 92% would buy sex toys online
// 85% prefer to shop for bras in-store

New research has revealed which items Brits prefer to buy online or in-store.

A colossal 82 per cent of shoppers are purchasing online each month, according to research conducted by online retailer OnBuy.

Sex toys came in at the top of the list, which consumers would avoid buying in-store, as 92 per cent they would prefer to shop online.

Tech accessories also scored highly as 81 per cent of consumers would prefer to shop online, and 80 per cent said they would purchase beauty tools online.

Meanwhile, 85 per cent said they would never purchase bras online, as well as 81 per cent saying they would rather shop for makeup in-store, and 73 per cent would buy perfume in-store.

Next on the list of items consumers would prefer to shop in-store for are the following: medicine (72 per cent ), jewellery (66 per cent), electronics (62 per cent), fruits/veg (59 per cent), shoes (58 per cent), coats/jackets (47 per cent) and flowers/plants (40 per cent).

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