The top 30 retailers leading customer experience… did you make the cut?

Who are the top 30 international retailers and how can you compete?

The results are in… Retail Week, Edge and Loqate have teamed up to reveal the top 30 retailers when it comes to global success. Did you make the list?

The International Retail Index highlights the top global retailers that are pioneering new methods in international commerce. Take a deep dive into their think-global, act-local strategies, and discover the technology powering their world-class customer experience.

Inside you’ll discover:

The top 30 retailers

We’ve identified the ground-breaking retailers that are leading international commerce and setting the standard for customer experience.

International strategies

Discover the expansion strategies, technology and online capabilities driving international success.

Benchmark your online store

Learn how you rank alongside the top international retailers and the techniques you can implement to improve your standing.

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