A pint with a side of grocery shopping: Lidl to open first in-store pub

Lidl to open first in-store pub in Northern Ireland Dundonald Belfast
Shoppers will soon be able to combine a pint with a weekly shop, if Lidl's pub proposal is approved by local council.
// Lidl confirms plans to open its first pub in one of its supermarkets
// Lidl requested planning permission for the pub at the Dundonald store, near Belfast in Northern Ireland
// Lidl plans to run the pub beside the store but it will have a separate entrance

Lidl has revealed plans to open its first on-premises pub after it submitted planning permission for one of its stores in Northern Ireland.

The German discount grocer confirmed that it wants to run the pub beside the Dundonald store, near Belfast, but it will have a separate entrance and its own shop front.

The planning application, submitted to to Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, features seating, a bar area and separate toilets as well as an off-licence area for customers to buy alcohol to take home.


There are no details on what types of drinks the pub will sell, nor any indication on pricing.

The proposed pub comes after Lidl opened its Dundonald site with a new £7 million concept store in November.

The store marked Lidl’s return to the area, replacing an older building that it last occupied in 2012.

“Lidl can confirm it has lodged an application to open a licensed premises within our Dundonald store,” a Lidl spokesperson said.

“This will offer shoppers an off licence service along with a public house.

“As the fastest growing retailer in Northern Ireland we believe Dundonald shoppers should have the opportunity to access the same great value assortment currently enjoyed by thousands of shoppers in 37 other Lidl stores in Northern Ireland.”

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  1. It’s a terrible idea as many people’s lives are Blighted by alcohol and how many children already have one parent who already has a drink problem and this in top of seeing alcohol being sold in the supermarket and now next door. How much money do Lidl want at the misfortune of Northern Ireland who already has a high rate of suicide and poor mental health. No thanks Lidl bad idea.

    • Samantha, pubs exist all over the world – people are entitled to drink in moderation without your opinion thank you very much. Yes, ALCOHOLISM is a thing, but drinking in moderation is not a social stigma, nor should it ever be. There are many social problems just through day to day life. Do we stop selling knives to cut fruit and veg because someone decided to use one as a weapon, do we stop using cannabis to ease suffering because somebody might mis-use it, do we stop all travel because of toxic omissions – no we don’t. This is nothing to do with Lidl wanting to earn money, anybody (with permission) is entitled to open and run a pub. There are zero direct links to a single Lidl Pub in NI causing suicide or mental health issues. Stop being judgemental, if you don’t like something – just learn to deal with it like we all do.

  2. ha ha, and great that the ‘toxic’ are going to be omitted from travel, that’ll keep Greta happy. Anyway, it seems that Dundonald Lidl is one of the few without an off licence. Adding an off licence wouldn’t make much difference to alcoholics as Asda and Winemark are within a stone’s throw and full of booze. As for a pub, I’d feel safer in an Lidl pub than some other pubs around the area because I think it would be run very responsibly and be family and pet friendly, but that’s just my opinion, can’t happen soon enough for me.


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