John Lewis & Waitrose staff working through pandemic to receive £25 extra per week

John Lewis & Waitrose staff working through pandemic to receive £25 extra per week
The weekly pay boost follows the 2% bonus which was awarded to all John Lewis Partnership staff in March.
// John Lewis & Waitrose non-management staff & first level managers to receive an additional £25 per week
// Applies to staff who work from April 12 through to May and June, up to £200 in total
// Waitrose staff discount increases from 15% to 25%, to remain at 20% once pandemic is over

The John Lewis Partnership has announced an extra £25 in weekly pay for non-management staff & first level managers who work through the coronavirus pandemic.

The boost comes into effect for those working from April 12 onwards, and will apply each week through to May and June and up to £200 in total.

The partnership said the payment will apply to all frontline staff who continue to work to support the company in Waitrose shops and John Lewis online.


The extra £25 per week represents around 11 per cent of an average full-time non-management staff’s weekly pay – percentage varying depending on hours worked.

It also follows the two per cent bonus which was awarded to all staff in March.

In addition, from next week the discount rate for all staff across the partnership who shop in Waitrose shops will rise from 15 per cent to 25 per cent for 13 weeks before returning to a permanently higher level of 20 per cent.

“Partners have made significant sacrifices to ensure that we are able to continue to serve and support our customers,” John Lewis Partnership chair Sharon White said.

“The measures that we have announced today are in recognition of their hard work and commitment and are part of a wider package of support available to help partners during this extraordinary time.

“I want to extend my continued thanks to every partner. It is a privilege to be their chairman.”

The weekly pay bonus follows the John Lewis Partnership’s recent introduction of a number of measures designed to support the wellbeing of staff throughout the pandemic, including a support fund to aid those who are facing additional costs as a result of the pandemic and free meals at work.

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  1. £25 per week is better than nothing but it us pittance if you think how hard supermarket staff have been working and how much they have been putting themselves at risk.
    Also the staff discount is nothing to write home about as Waitrose is very expensive even compared to tesco and Sainsbury’s and extortionate to aldi and lidl etc.

  2. Its good that the effort of partners putting their lives at risk is being recognised, with albeit an underwhelming bonus for April, May & June, but what about a bonus for the month already worked in March when the Waitrose tills have been taking record sums of money, seems conveniently forgotten about…

  3. So someone works 5/10 hours a week does the bare minimum – £25 a week extra.

    A shop floor partner or manger works their arse off making sure everyone is safe and ensuring the customers get served as well as possible – £25 a week extra.

    An extra % of pay would of been fairer.

  4. All good comments, looks like the John Lewis board didn’t give this a lot of thought. Should have been done on the amount of hours each individual works.
    Also this is not 11% of an average non management workers wage, would mean they get paid £6.06 an hour. More like 8% (7.74). This is quite poor considering they are risking their lives in stores. Other stores are paying up to £1000’s in bonuses?


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