New campaign to bring new pay deal for retail workers amid pandemic

New campaign to bring new pay deal for retail workers amid pandemic
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// Usdaw calls for “new deal” for retail, manufacturing, distribution and home delivery workers in the wake of Covid-19
// The union called for a £10 minimum wage for all workers & improved sick pay
// It also called for minimum contracts of 16 hours per week and a ban on zero-hour contracts

Millions of low-paid and undervalued workers – including retail staff – deserve a “new deal” because of their efforts during the coronavirus crisis, according to a trade union.

Usdaw marked International Workers Day today by praising workers including those in retail, manufacturing, distribution and home delivery, who have been working around the clock since the Covid-19 outbreak.


The shopworkers’ union called for a £10 minimum wage for all workers, minimum contracts of 16 hours per week for everyone who wants it, a ban on zero-hour contracts, and improved sick pay.

“Millions of low-paid workers have always provided essential services to help ensure the country is fed, healthy and safe and the coronavirus emergency brings that to public attention,” Usdaw general secretary Paddy Lillis said.

“Usdaw members employed in our supermarkets, distribution warehouses, food processing sites and home delivery operations welcome the weekly applause for key workers, but that respect and appreciation must not fade into the background when this national crisis passes.

“There must be lasting and fundamental changes to the way society views our lowest paid workers. We need a new deal for the workers.

“It cannot be right that key workers in supermarkets, who are keeping our communities fed, are then visiting foodbanks to feed their own families.

“Too many key workers are low-paid, with insecure hours and few employment rights. They have been undervalued for too long and deserve a new deal.”

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  1. What a brilliant idea. When most retailers particularly indies are on their knees and facing a total meltdown in sales increase wages by 20%! What universe are these people living in!

  2. Although some supermarket workers may have got a small increase during the lockdown, I doubt they will see further increase any time in the future. Many retail staff have been redundant and competition among retail workers will be fierce with some applying for supermarket jobs. The best way is for the government to step in and force supermarket chains to pay above the minimum wage, at least Living Wage, which is £10.75ph at the moment.


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