Aldi introduces self-service checkouts to speed up sales

Aldi covid-19 checkout self service lockdown
Aldi said it is still a "very small trial" and there are currently no other plans to roll them out further
// Aldi introduces new self-service checkouts in some stores
// The initiative is part of a trial to speed up transactions and minimise contact with others during the pandemic

Aldi has announced new changes to its checkout service in an effort to speed up transactions amid the pandemic.

Most recently, the German discounter has installed the new tills at its Lichfield branch.

It has confirmed plans to introduce them in three more stores at its Atherstone, Hounslow and Tooting branches before the end of July, taking the total to 12.


These have been brought in following successful trials at Biggleswade, Bishop’s Stortford, Manchester Arndale and Woodgate.

Aldi said it is still a “very small trial” and there are currently no other plans to roll them out further.

While most supermarkets already offer self-service checkouts, Aldi has not adopted this initiative.

Aldi said its new self-checkout availability has received “overwhelmingly positive feedback”.

One of Aldi’s other most recent initiatives includes providing all of its UK shop floor staff with face masks to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Aldi UK staff can also access the government’s Covid-19 testing programme for critical workers.

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  1. Self service only speed up sales when they actually work and for people who arent inept. Cashiers at aldi scan items at near lightapeed anyway it’s the customers who are the bottleneck there.

  2. Self-service tills only increases prices for all shoppers in the longer term, losses of 3 to 4% are experienced by most retailers, and in many cases do little to help queuing at belted tills, reliability of self service tills is poor coupled with some customers poor grasp of their operation do not help. Additionally many stores(all retailers) opt to run few if any belted tills if self service tills are available thus further increasing queuing.

  3. Seems a bit late – all the supermarkets do it including Lidl, Asda & Tesco and it helps busier customers who are doing a smaller or medium shop whereas ‘self-scanning’ as at Tesco or Asda etc is really good as 1) you know how much you are spending 2) usually there is a lot less queuing 3) it’s less crowded and you skip through faster without being with large families 4) usually well trained or experienced staff etc.,

  4. Tried Aldi once, longest checkout queue ever and right before my checkout ‘turn’ came the till operator shut the Till and said it was her break time. PA system told shoppers to remove items from belt on Till 3 and find another checkout.

    Won’t try Aldi again untill they install self scan tills, as available at my local Tesco/Sainsbury and Asda stores.
    Can’t believe Aldi customers put up with such appalling service, once was enough for me.


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