Promotions and the Power of Gift Cards

Gift cards are a powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Not only can they grow revenue through promotions and uplift spending – 61% of consumers spend more than the value of their gift card – they also increase customer acquisition and engagement, so they need to be front of mind for marketers in 2021.

While offering gift cards is expected by customers, many retailers aren’t maximising their strategies in order to drive the most ROI. In this e-book, Blackhawk Network explores:

  • How promotions powered by a gift card programme can help you acquire new customers and encourage incremental visits by driving people to your stores
  • How to increase sales through gifting, exposing your brand to new customers
  • How to build loyalty and engagement among consumers thanks to social engagement, incentives and returns.

The key considerations outlined in this report build an effective framework upon which retailers can launch successful promotions. By identifying core objectives and the promotions best suited to meet them, retailers create a road map to success.

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