Morrisons labelled “unhygienic” over new container policy

Morrisons recycle reuse plastic waste
Many customers have branded the move as "unhygienic"
// Morrisons has faced backlash after announcing that shoppers can bring their own containers
// The new container policy aims at encouraging customers to cut down on packaging waste
// Many customers labelled the move as “unhygienic” particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic

Morrisons has received mixed response after announcing that shoppers can bring their own containers to fill up with items at fresh food counters.

Many customers have branded the move as “unhygienic” since Morrisons introduced the idea on Facebook.

“You can now bring your own reusable containers to our counters including our butchers, fishmongers and deli, where our colleagues will happily fill them for you,” Morrisons said.

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“Simply hand over your container to be weighed. #ReduceReuseRecycle.”

The post has since been liked over 1800 times, and shared almost 800 times.

Morrisons’ new container policy aims at encouraging customers to cut down on packaging waste.

Although some customers have welcomed the idea thanks to the grocer’s initiative to reduce waste, many have labelled it as “unhygienic” particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is one of Morrisons’ many initiatives to cut down on waste. Earlier this week, the Big 4 grocer announced that it will remove all plastic ‘bags for life’ from every store nationwide following a successful trial, saving 3200 tonnes of plastic per year.

Customers will now instead be able to purchase its paper bags which are reusable, recyclable, water resistant, tear resistant and can hold up to 16kg.

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  1. Get a grip. “Unhygienic”? It’s your OWN container! How can that be unhygienic? Give it a wash if it’s dirty. And what on earth has the virus got to do with it? What rubbish.

    Bringing in your own container is much better than loads of plastic bags floating in our oceans. I don’t shop at Morrisons and I’m not a big fan of theirs, but there’s nothing wrong with this policy. It’s about time every supermarket followed them on this and finally begin to roll out the policy of ending plastic packaging on all fresh fruit and vegetable – sell them loose as it’s good for people living on their own and for couples and it’s also good for preventing food waste and preventing plastic pollution.

    If people can change their habits when it comes to Covid then they change their habits when it comes to plastic. It’s time adults behaved and lived like adults.

  2. There is nothing “unhygienic” about the practice when it’s your own container from home. The virus has nothing to do with it. We need to cut down on single use plastic as a planet and this is exactly what this policy does.

    Good on Morrisons!

  3. Completely ridiculous, how can it be unhygienic? It’s a brilliant idea….the amount of plastic food packaging is still a complete joke, especially plastic packaging that cannot be recycled. I think that we need to put more pressure on food retailers to reduce the amount of waste. Even my local butcher uses 100% plastic bags…..sure no plastic trays but you still get your joint wrapped in a plastic sheet and then placed in a plastic bag and then you’re offered a little plastic carrier….whatever happened to paper packaging?


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