LK Bennett to launch clothing rental service

LK Bennett
Items can be kept for up to one month
// LK Bennett to launch clothing rental service
// The service is called LK Bennett Borrowed and would be £79 per month
// Consumers would be able to rent two items at once

LK Bennett is reportedly set to launch a rental service as a monthly subscription service, which would allow consumers to rent two items at once.

The service, which is called LK Bennett Borrowed, would be £79 per month and is expected to launch on July 27.

Consumers will be able to create a wishlist of products in order of preference and will receive the top two available items in their size.

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Shoppers can also pay an additional £9 for the Dart service, allowing them to confirm a specific item for the next delivery or for specific dates, Drapers reported.

Items can be kept for up to one month. A customer can rent two items for a whole month, or swap items up to eight items.

Free postage is provided for delivery and return. Customers will be able to return garments either one or two at a time using Royal Mail return bags.

Those who want to keep their rented products will be able to purchase them for up to 50% off the retail price.

LK Bennett has collaborated with logistics provider Caastle on the service.

“We believe this new rental offering will attract a new customer base to LK Bennett, as it will satisfy those seeking a more sustainable way of shopping,” LK Bennett chief executive Darren Topp said.

“We don’t see this replacing core ecommerce, but rather complementing it and adding choice.

“Rental will allow customers who can’t afford or don’t want to spend the amount required to own an LK Bennett item to wear an outfit for a special occasion.

“If they’re already an LK Bennett fan, this service enables them to rotate their wardrobe regularly and get fresh items for their everyday wardrobe.”

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