Aldi customers threaten boycott as it trials first checkout-free store

Some Aldi customers have threatened to boycott the supermarket as it announced it is set to trial its first checkout-free store.
The move follows a similar concept currently being trialled by Tesco and Amazon Fresh.
// Aldi shoppers express concern over the news that Aldi is opening its first check-out free store
// Some shoppers have said they won’t use the retailer if no check out staff are in use

Aldi recently announced it will be trialling its first checkout-free store, allowing customers to walk in and out without having to pay at a till.

However, this head lead to some shoppers threatening to boycott the  retailers over the news.

The supermarket has refused to reveal exactly where the store will be but the store will be located in London.

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Aldi UK and Ireland chief executive Giles Hurley said to The Independent: “We are always looking to redefine what it means to be a discount retailer, and the technology involved in this trial will give us a wealth of learnings.

“We are really excited to be testing this concept that will enable customers to pick from our range of quality products, all available at unbeatable prices, then leave the store without having to pay at a till.”

Not all Aldi shoppers are on-board with the trial with many worried about job losses for supermarket staff.

One person wrote online: “This may seem innocent but will cause job losses. All part of the Great Reset coming to us slowly.”

While another added: “Human interaction is important. Some people, especially the old look forward to shopping because thats the only place they get a semblance of human interaction.”

Some even threatened a boycott, as one shopper wrote: “If I can’t pay a cashier cash I won’t use any shop store or local business.”

Another added: “I refuse to use self service, it is denying someone a job.”

Others were confused about how the system would work too, as one person wrote: “What happens if you choose and bag something and then change your mind and put the item back on the shelf?”

Despite this, others have spoke out in in favour of the new system with one customer admitting: “I hate shopping and the whole checkout experience so the quicker this is rolled out the better.”

The move follows a similar concept currently being trialled by Tesco and Amazon Fresh, which has recently unveiled its sixth checkout-free store in Dalston. 

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  1. A very odd move by a very odd supermarket. They don’t even have touch screens around my area in the Midlands, so that is a massive leap from traditional till checkouts to the other extreme. People will be scratching their heads if introduced around here.

    I also wonder how good the CCTV cameras are actually finding shoplifters in masks? Will they even be working most of the time? Have Aldi customers actually been allowed to voice their opinion on more Big Brother coming their way whilst shopping?


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