Burberry announces biodiversity strategy at COP26

Burberry has stated it will take action to “protect, restore and regenerate nature” as it unveils a new biodiversity strategy at COP26.
The biodiversity strategy builds upon the retailer's recent commitment to become Climate Positive by 2040.
// Burberry says it will take action to “protect, restore and regenerate nature” based on its aggressive commitment to climate change
// The British retailer will fund a series of regenerative projects in areas where it has the greatest ecological impacts,

The luxury British fashion retailer Burberry has stated it will take action to “protect, restore and regenerate nature” as it builds on its climate positive commitment with a new biodiversity strategy unveiled at COP26.

The biodiversity strategy builds on recent efforts to become more climate change active by 2040, with a nature-based approach to the most needed areas beyond its own value chain and business and in areas of greatest need beyond its operations to help slow further global warming as part of the transition towards the 1.5°C pathway set out in the Paris Agreement.

As part of the strategy, the luxury retailer has partnered with The Biodiversity Consultancy to identify its biggest ecological impacts: leather, cashmere and wool.

It plans to work toward reducing its own impact by sourcing more sustainable, recycled or certified fabrics by 2022, as well as restoring and regenerating natural ecosystems in the areas where it sources raw materials and other “areas of great need” beyond its own operations.

The business will do so by funding projects via its Regeneration Fund, established in 2020.

Burberry chair Dr Gerry Murphy said: “Climate change is not just a future environmental risk, it’s a socio-economic crisis that is impacting millions around the world today,”

“Protecting, restoring and regenerating nature is key to safeguarding the planet for generations to come, and we must be ambitious in our intentions and action-oriented in our approach.

“Burberry’s biodiversity strategy will not only address impacts in our own extended operations, but also help to create new systems to reduce biodiversity loss in the world’s greatest areas of need, making a meaningful contribution to global conservation efforts.”

Beyond its value chain, Burberry added that it has become the first luxury brand to sign up to the LEAF Coalition with an investment in what is expected to become the world’s largest public-private initiative providing results-based finance to countries committed to making ambitious reductions in tropical deforestation.

In addition, it will also reduce its own impact on biodiversity through sourcing more sustainable key raw materials and ensuring key materials are traceable, certified or recycled by 2025.

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