Rent the Runway challenges consumers to stop excessive shopping in Fast Fashion Free campaign

Rent the Runway Launches Program to Recycle Fast Fashion Garments
The project is part of their “Fast Fashion Free” campaign.
// Rent the Runway launches a campaign aiming to challenge consumers to stop buying clothing they don’t need
// The company also plans to follow this initiative up with other sustainability-focused campaigns throughout the year

In a new sustainability effort, Rent the Runway is dedicating resources to collect “unwearable” discarded fast fashion items and recycling them during the month of January, according to WWD.

The Fast Fashion Free campaign hopes to convince shoppers to switch to rental subscriptions with the platform, decreasing their environmental impact when it comes to renewing their wardrobe.

Intentionally placed towards the beginning of the New Year, the company intended to reach consumers at a time “when they are already reassessing lifestyles on the whole”, with the ultimate goal of sparking a behavioural shift.

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Customers in New York can drop off their work clothing at the Rent the Runway flagship store near Union Square. The recycled clothing will be sent to New York-based Green Tree Textiles Recycling and turned into insulation material for new houses and buildings.

The clothing rental company also plans to follow this initiative up with other sustainability-focused campaigns throughout the year.

Rent the Runway senior vice president of brand marketing Jess Burns said: “In January, many of us are already generally reconsidering our behaviors — resolving to break bad habits and live more healthfully and mindfully,”

“This is the ideal time to issue a targeted challenge, asking people to stop buying fast fashion, which we know in large part is fueling rampant overproduction and overconsumption — not to mention knock-off culture — across the industry.”

The new campaign falls in line with the platform’s recently revealed Life Cycle Assessment, which found that customer rentals produced net environmental savings compared to that of purchasing new clothing. Figures presented in the report showed one rental garment contributed to a 24 percent reduction in water usage and a three percent reduction in pounds of carbon emissions.

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