Waitrose loyalty scheme revamp will give deeper savings and personalised offers

Waitrose loyalty scheme revamp will give deeper savings and personalised offers
Waitrose loyalty scheme revamp will give deeper savings and personalised offers
// Waitrose will revamp its MyWaitrose loyalty scheme later this month and will offer customers the chance to save more and to benefit from tailored offers
// The supermarket said it was its “biggest initiative to add value” for customers in a decade

Waitrose is to relaunch its loyalty programme this month as it ploughs money into deeper savings and personalised offers.

The John Lewis Partnership-owned supermarket has doubled its investment in MyWaitrose in what it calls “our biggest initiative to add value” for customers in a decade.

MyWaitrose members will be able to save 112% more than with its current scheme. For example, all members will get 20% off cheese, meat, fish and deli counters until March 14.

Waitrose said loyalty members would get “more flexibility, tailored offers and money off their weekly shop” when it relaunches MyWaitrose on 23 February.

Rewards will be split into two categories – personalised offers and exclusive savings – which will be awarded on a weekly and monthly basis respectively.

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The selection of tailored offers will expand as customers shop more, and vouchers can be redeemed weekly. Customers will be emailed each Wednesday to remind them to select their offers for the week.

The exclusive savings option will give the loyalty card users access to rewards across its fresh food counters, which Waitrose said was designed to boost smaller suppliers and allow customers to experienced its “unrivalled service”.

The retailer, which received a backlash from shoppers when it was revealed it would withdraw its free newspaper offer, will continue to give members free copies of Waitrose Food, Health and Drinks magazines, discounts on dry cleaning and Cookery School courses.

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  1. This revamped scheme is a pain. First you must ‘claim’ the discounts on line. But when you reach the checkout, unlike with the original myWaitrose scheme or the M&S Sparks scheme, they are not activated by presenting your myWaitrose card. No. At the checkout you must also fiddle around with a mobile phone to activate the vouchers as well as with the myWaitrose card. God knows how long the checkout queues will become.

    When I queried this with so called ‘customer services’ I was told that shoppers had indicated that they didn’t want paper vouchers. But that response deliberately missed the point. I am not asking for paper vouchers. I simply want presentation of my myWaitrose card to trigger the discount. I don’t want to be fiddling around with a mobile phone at the checkout.


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