Motatos launches in UK offering 60% off branded items

// Motatos launches in the UK to rival Aldi and Lidl
// It sells branded goods including household names like Heinz, Cadbury, Kellogg’s, Walkers and Typhoo

Swedish online discount retailer Motatos has launched in the UK and is offering 60% off branded goods compared to supermarket rivals.

Founded in 2014, the company began trading in Sweden under the name Matsmart and it has since expanded into Denmark, Finland and Germany.

Today marks the company’s official launch in the UK and while it will be online only, Motatos promises UK shoppers “well-known products that would otherwise risk ending up in landfill”.

The company has also said that it manages to keep costs down by selling surplus food from wholesalers.

Motatos sells branded goods including household names like Heinz, Cadbury, Kellogg’s, Walkers and Typhoo.

On the Motatos website, there are some items that you need to be bought in bulk – and these tend to be the ones that offer the best value.

Motatos said its savings advertised online are against the RRP set by the manufacturer.

UK Country Manager Christabel Biella said: “The Motatos’ strategy is to keep our costs at a competitive level.

“We offer top quality brands for up to 60% less than leading supermarkets, so this is where we differ from Aldi and Lidl.

“We are able to offer high ticketed items at a much lower price.”

The type of products found on the Motatos website include items that are no longer being sold on shelves due to changes in packaging, seasonal changes or short best before dates.

Deliveries are made by third party logistics companies, typically taking between one and three working days, with the cost of shipping depending on the size of orders.

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  1. This a press release sent out to drive traffic to their website but they n looking nothing is any cheaper than offers sold at supermarkets. None of the listings are short dated stock which is offered by exisiting sellers in the UK. It will not last more than a few months it’s overselling it’s self.

  2. Have you been into a Farm Foods or a Home Bargains – they have been doing short dated gear for a long time – having looked at their website I don’t see how you could get any comparables to shore up 60% cheaper than Aldi etc..

  3. I won’t be using these, as I like to see, feel and experience my social time shopping. I was an Amazon, supermarket and other retailers home delivery nut, but the level of service is very poor.
    I don’t use any of them now and never will again.
    They’re so inconvenient when you’re dealing with morons. Dump it on your doorstep when you’re out and it gets pinched!


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