Saturday, October 23, 2021

Primark to pay compensation to Dhaka victims

Fast fashion retailer Primark is to pay compensation to victims of the Dhaka factory building collapse used by its suppliers which killed at least 380 people, it has been announced.

One of Primark‘s suppliers occupied the second floor of the eight-storey garment factory which collapsed last week, trapping hundreds of workers and, as hopes of finding survivors fade, Bangladesh announced its decision to turn down foreign help, according to BBC News.

Mohammed Sohel Rana, the owner of the building who went into hiding after the disaster, has been arrested and faces charges of illegal construction and negligence after allegedly encouraging workers to enter the building after discovering visible cracks in the walls.

Primark has urged other retailers involved to assist aid efforts, noting that its own payout will include emergency food aid to victims‘ families and long-term aid to newly-orphaned children.

A statement from the retailer said that it would put in place “immediate and long-term help for victims”, adding: “We have partnered with a local NGO to address the immediate needs of victims, including the provision of emergency food aid to families.

“This initiative began in Bangladesh immediately the extent of the disaster became clear.

“Primark will also pay compensation to the victims of this disaster who worked for its supplier.

“This will include the provision of long-term aid for children who have lost parents, financial aid for those injured and payments to the families of the deceased.

“We shall be reviewing our commitments constantly to ensure that they meet the needs of the victims as the tragedy continues to unfold.

“Primark notes the fact that its supplier shared the building with those of other retailers.

“We are fully aware of our responsibility. We urge these other retailers to come forward and offer assistance.”


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