Wednesday, April 24, 2019

George launches one-off Kate Middleton dress


George has created a Kate-inspired ‘Mini Middy‘ dress for girls aged 4 to 14. The blue polka dot dress, inspired by the Royal Princess‘ frock, will hit stores and today and is expected to sell out across the week.

Huge public interest was shown in Kate‘s outfit during her appearance on the steps of St. Mary‘s hospital last month and George reported sell out sales across a number of polka dot items. The retailer also received over a thousand ‘likes‘ from patriotic parents in the first hour of announcing their royal baby-grows on facebook.

It has been predicted that the royal baby will generate a £240m retail boom in the UK.

Another recent poll by George found that 76 per cent of Asda customers are influenced by Kate Middleton‘s stylish ensembles, which sees no sign of slowing. The clothing brand reported a 471 per cent uplift in sales of coloured denim following Kate being seen in coral jeans and also spotted a 300 per cent uplift in sales of a Burberry style mac after Kate was seen wearing one.

George have been quick to jump on the Royal Baby brandwagon and turned around a bespoke product range within 24 hours for customers.

There has been speculation that The Duchess could even design her own fashion line in coming years, with research showing over a third would like to see Kate Middleton design a fashion line

Head of Design Helen Low said: “Kate has quickly become the woman that young girls look up to for inspiration both in demeanour and style. The recent birth of Prince George has reignited the royal fever across the nation and brought with it a new wave of young ladies looking to emulate the young Princess‘ style.