Low salaries deterring potential retail workers: study

New research has found that over three quarters of prospective retail employees would never compromise on certain areas when looking for work, with one of those being low advertised salaries.

The research, conducted by job site CV-Library, surveyed 1000 UK retail workers and found 76.2 per cent were growing increasingly impatient with their job hunt and refused to settle for anything less than what they wanted.

According to the survey, 19 per cent said they were put off by poor wages, 16.7 per cent would not apply if the job description was ambiguous, while 14.3 per cent said poor communication throughout the recruitment process deters them. 

Other key factors pushing workers away from retail were bad reputations (11.9 per cent), a high staff turnover (9.5 per cent) and unfriendly colleagues (7.1 per cent).

CV Library said this showed candidates have become more demanding than ever before and undergo their job hunt with a strict criteria in mind.

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“The sector as a whole is struggling more than it has done in years, so it is unsurprising that worker‘s salaries are low,” CV Library managing director Lee Biggins said.

“In times of economic uncertainty, businesses need to run a lean recruitment strategy and there have been a number of recent events that are causing employers to act with caution.

“However, the research also suggests that other areas of the recruitment process are putting candidates off, such as unclear job descriptions and poor communication. 

“These are areas that employers do have control over and they should be focusing on doing what they can to attract talent to their organisations. 

“The retail sector, it‘s all about customer service, and this should filter through to all areas of the business, including recruitment. Treating candidates as you would your customers is a good mantra to stick with.” 

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