Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Retail Gazette Loves: Westfield’s new robot storyteller Alexander


As part of its summer installation, which features an indoor “rainproof park” along with events running over the summer, Westfield London has announced Alexander the robot will host “robot readings”

Last night Alexander hosted the UK’s first interactive AI storytelling experience for families at the shopping centre. He will also appear on August 24 in Westfield Stratford City.

Alexander dances, sings, reads to and walks around with the children. Truly interactive, he only reads when the children are looking at him.

If a child frowns or smiles at him, the robot is able to read and mimic this facial expression.

His four directional microphones and sophisticated language software allow him to listen and respond naturally to people in his surroundings.

He can also recognise shapes and objects that are presented to him.

Usually Alexander is used as a learning tool for disabled children, interacting with them and forming relationships by holding their hands.

Robots and AI technology have been used in various retail sector establishments, restaurants and hotels as tools for increasing engagement with customers.

Westfield will pioneer the use of this new technology in the hopes of creating more active interactions with its customers. In the past it has attempted this with the use of tweet mirrors and virtual reality beacon technology. 

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