Retail Gazette Loves: 2016‘s Christmas Adverts

Many refer to the launch of the John Lewis Christmas ad as the starting gun for Christmas shopping. This year it certainly seems to be the starting gun for all the major retailers to put out their campaigns.

2016 has so far to be bigger, better, and more heartwarming than ever as the multi-million pound campaigns start to hit our screens.

Here‘s Retail Gazette‘s guide to the biggest Christmas adds you‘ll be seeing over this holiday season. Mince pies and tinsel at the ready.

John Lewis

With over 15 million Youtube views and countless more on national television, Buster the Boxer has taken the nation by storm, promting many spoofs from retailers like Robert Dyas and even one featuring Donald trump as Buster. 


Sainsbury‘s recruited James Corden and an Oscar-winning musician and producer Bret McKenzie to help put together its latest Christmas advertisement. Already reaching two million page view on Youtube after just a day, this add is set to be a major player this Christmas. 


Continuing the animation theme that seem to have featured prominently this year, Aldi tell the story of Kevin the Carrot who on his journey to meet Santa has managed to rake in over one million Youtube views. This may be due to the use of the themetune from “Home Alone” being used in the background, a surefire recipe for Christmas nostagia. 

Marks & Spencer

It seems the reailer’s financial trouble in recent weeks hasn’t stopped it pulling out all the stops in its Christmas advert. Featuring a Mrs Claus’ James Bond-esque gadgets and a Christmas helicopter delivering presents M&S have topped the five million mark on Youtube. 



Cleary there was a two-for-one offer on CGI animals this year as Waitrose opts for an advert much like its bigger brother, this time featuring a robin on his way home for a mince pie. Despite being animal heavy the grocer has so far only seen 1.5 million visitors to its advert on Youtube. 


The UK’s biggest supermarket has opted to play it safe this year, sticking to Gavin and Stacey star Ruth Jones as she embalks on a monologue asking whether November is too early for Chirstmas preparations . With just 22,000 Youtube views, maybe it should have waited until December. 


The grocer has also opted to play it safe this year, stating:  “Our adverts show our staff, the real heroes of our business, working hard to prepare festive food.” It seems with all that has gone on this year, people want some glamour in their festive adverts as Youtube hits are so far at just 26,000. 


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