Retail Gazette Loves: Morrisons‘ superhero collectibles

Morrisons has launched a set of collectable superhero characters based on real-life supermarket jobs.

Each of the four characters have their own unique superpower, celebrating their role within the country‘s fourth largest supermarket.

The collection, which launched earlier this week, was designed by Milk Jnr‘s & Kidworks and will see figures being handed out alongside every children‘s meal in Morrisons‘ cafés.

The characters include café assistant Polly who has the power to be in more than one place at a time, and Hassan the fishmonger who turns into O-Mega Man capable of breathing underwater.

There’s also a fresh produce manager whose powers as the Green Defender allow him to rejuvenate anything at a single touch, and The Mighty Dash, a baker who can travel at lightning speed.

“As a business we always look for new ways of engaging with our customers – regardless of age,” Morrisons‘ head of trading for cafés Sam Wells said.

“The response to our family of superheroes has been amazing and we hope they will make an ever better in-cafe experience.”

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