Retail Gazette Loves: the Shopping Mate app

Shopping Mate

A new app from Le Chick Productions allows solo shoppers to connect with other like-minded people to find their perfect look, while making friends.

Working much like a dating app, Shopping Mate allows users input their shopping habits and interests and are matched with solo shoppers with similar interests in the area.

This allows Shopping Mates from all over the world to comment on dressing room and outfit photos, creating a community of like-minded retail addicts.

“There are loads of shopping apps for finding things and loads of dating apps for finding a partner but, very little to help those who find themselves in a situation like I did, in a new place and not knowing anyone,” Le Chick Production founder Alek Legosteva said.

“I created Shopping Mate to help me meet new people and to fill that gap for others who also crave a shopping buddy and second opinion when circumstances mean you don‘t have your network around you.

“It can be very lonely and my hope is that this app fills that basic need and helps users create that human connection.”

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