Retail Gazette Loves: Jigsaw’s #heartimmigration campaign

Image source Twitter (@AmberMirrorFash)

Luxury fashion retailer Jigsaw has launched a bold new campaign hailing the necessity of immigration in defiance a growing anti-immigration rhetoric surrounding the Brexit negotiations.

To launch the campaign, the brand has taken over an entire section of Oxford Circus station in London, emblazoning it with its campaign manifesto.

In a take on its tagline “beautifully British since 1970”, the statement reads “British style is not 100 per cent British. In fact, there’s no such thing as ‘100 per cent British’.”

Despite prompted angry calls from customers within hours of its launch for getting too political, its creator Alex Kelly said he’d rather lose a few customers to show the retailer stood for something.

“The reality is that it’s not a political statement but… it is saying that as a brand we couldn’t do what we do without the immigration of people, ideas and culture,” Kelly told The Drum.

“And it’s to wave the flag for immigration, because it’s become a very negative word in the media.”

“We could have had a campaign that said ‘Heart Diversity’ and it would have been very nice and safe, but the whole point of using ‘immigration’ is that it jars and celebrates the positive aspects of it.”

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