Amazon delivery drivers found to be earning less than living wage

Amazon drivers

Amazon has been forced to overhaul the treatment of its delivery drivers after an investigation found one of its partners left them earning less than the minimum wage under a regime of fines.

The investigation by The Telegraph found that SEP Logistics, which delivers AmazonFresh and Prime Now orders across London, allegedly imposed a £100 fine on employees for “early” deliveries to customers’ homes.

A series of other penalties were found to be imposed on the drivers, including a £25 fine if they make a delivery two minutes outside a window and a £25 “no-show” fine.

Drivers are also meant to receive £12 per hour from SEP Logistics, but they have to cover their van rental of between £190 and £250 per week, weekly petrol costs of £30 and insurance for £330 a month.

As a result of the penalties regime, SEP drivers were often taking home earnings that were below the minimum wage.

“We investigate any allegation that a delivery provider is not meeting our requirements and will take appropriate action if we find that to be the case,” an Amazon spokesman said told The Telegraph.

SEP Logistics said would be refund the fines to drivers.

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