Birkenstock ceases trading with Amazon


Birkenstock has terminated its business relations with Amazon, accusing it of breaking the law.

From January 1, Birkenstock will cease trading with the online retail giant within the EU, citing a breakdown in trust between the two parties.

Birkenstock reportedly lodged a complaint on a number of occasions with Amazon regarding counterfeit goods being sold on the website.

“Birkenstock is of the opinion that an integral part of a trusting business relationship is that, upon being first notified as the operator of the marketplace platform of such a breach of the law, Amazon would, of its own accord, do everything within its power to prevent this type of and similar infringements,” Birkenstock said in a statement.

“To this day, no binding statement has been made to the effect that no more counterfeit Birkenstock products would be offered for sale through the platform. Instead, there were further legal violations of a different nature in recent months which Amazon failed to proactively prevent.”

In January this year it ceased trading with Amazon in the US for similar reasons.

Birkenstock recently opened its first physical store in the UK with a flagship in Covent Garden, London.

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