Plastic bag tax will be extended to 10p ‘in every shop’

The price of plastic bags is expected to double, going up to 10p and extended to every shop.

Theresa May is expected to announce the changes as part of wider plans to tackle single-use plastic.

At the moment, only shops that employ more than 250 people have to charge at least 5p a bag.

Under the new measures, the fee will go up to 10p a bag and include all retailers.

Donations from the bag levy have so far raised over £58.5 million, with £31.5 million donated to charities, health or environmental causes, according to the government.

It’s now thought an additional “latte levy” could also be introduced to combat the waste of single-use coffee cups.

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  1. I want to know if 31.5 million has went to charities & other things where has the other 27 million went to. People will not pay for a 10p bag when a lot of them won’t pay 5p. Why did the government do away with paper bags they were better for the environment

  2. Plastic bags are standard rated for VAT so approx. 9.7 million has gone to HMRC. Charity donation is voluntary – retailers can choose to donate the full value, the margin element or nothing. Paper bags are in fact worse for the environment as they use significantly more raw materials, energy and water to produce.


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