Retail Gazette Loves: Online retailers reimagined as bricks & mortar stores

Etsy bricks and mortar

Ever wondered how online retailers would look as bricks and mortar stores?

Carl Eden from ecommerce software agency Displaysense has reimagined how Boohoo, Amazon, Etsy, Zavvi, and Ebay would look as physical stores and the designs are intriguing.

High street retailers have given consumers what they’ve wanted for years, but as the digital age has developed, many consumers have relied on online retailers and deliveries to get their shopping done.

So what if your favourite online retailers were actual high street shops? Let’s do a bit of online window shopping.

Eden reimagined Etsy as a Parisian store filled to the rafters with homemade goods with vintage finds because of the retailer’s speciality in selling vintage items.

The store is also decorated with arts and crafts that are all for sale, and a mysterious cat is resting outside to emphasise the Parisian theme.

Meanwhile, Ebay was reimagined as a bargain store where you can find “whatever you want, whatever price”. The store is represented as a wonderland for bargain hunters with all its items being on sale. From cookers to bicycle wheels, consumers can find whatever they’re looking for at this store.

Boohoo looks like any other Topshop, New Look or Zara store, with a pink neon sign outside and mannequins modelling the latest pieces the store has to offer.

There are also large mirrors around the store and an elegant staircase to lead you to the menswear floor.

BoohooAmazon on the other hand, represents a large department store according to Eden, featuring 18 floors and selling everything from computers to gardening equipment.

Amazon’s popularity is evident within this design, as each floor represents a different need as the retailer caters to all consumers.

AmazonMeanwhile, Zavvi is reimagined as a mecca for music and gaming lovers.

Consumers can shop here and pick out the latest comics, as well as play retro arcade games and rent out DVDs. The store certainly represents the early 2000s when consumers relied on stores such as Blockbuster to find the latest movies.


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  1. What a bizarre concept! We really don’t have to imagine what pure-play online retailers would look like offline any more. Amazon and eBay have already done it, and many many others have already opened up both pop-up and permanent stores, or are planning them. The online-offline trend is not a fantasy, it’s real and testament to the enduring appeal of IRL shopping and the fresh perspectives and ingenuity that originally online businesses bring to offline retail.


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