Retail Gazette Loves: Lacoste & Save the Species collab


Lacoste fans know and love the French retailer’s famous green crocodile logo, but for a limited time, they’ve been replaced with endangered species.

Last week the premium sportswear retailer unveiled a collaboration with the Save the Species charity, which saw its iconic crocodile logos replaced with selected endangered species as part of International Day for Biological Diversity.

All proceeds collected by the UK flagship store and eight other international stores will go towards the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) charity.

The collaboration offers 10 limited-edition polo shirts, representing the number of endangered animals known to remain in the wild.

To celebrate the collaboration, Lacoste transformed its Covent Garden store by replacing the crocodile with the Yemeni Mouse-Tailed Bat.

Meanwhile, online-exclusive shirts featuring the Hawaiian Monk Seal – which has only 1400 specimens left – sold out in less than five minutes.

IUCN – created in 1948 – is composed of both government and civil society organisations, providing public, private and non-governmental organisations with the knowledge and tools that enable human progress, economic development and nature conservation to take place together.

Lacoste has pledged a three-year partnership with IUCN, and the first edition in 2018 was a success.

LacosteEach of Lacoste’s selected store put the spotlight on a different specific species –

  • Paris – Champs Elysées – The Iberian Lynx – 589 specimens left
  • Los Angeles – Rodeo Drive – The Opal Goodeid – 150 specimens left
  • Tokyo – Shibuya – The Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat – 115 specimens left
  • Miami – Lincoln Road – The Mountain Chicken – 132 specimens left
  • Berlin – Kudamm – The Addax – 90 specimens left
  • Shanghai – Shanghai Kerry – The Cebu Damselfly – 50 specimens left
  • New York – Broadway – The North Atlantic Right Whale – 444 specimens left
  • Seoul – Garosugil – The Moheli Scops Owl – 400 specimens left


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  1. Not the best way forward and will not be buying the brand moving forward. I understand the importance to highlight endangered species but the Crocodile is the brand and definitely should be left alone. I`m sure the marketing department could have come up with a fair better strategy!

  2. Seriously Mark Holland! Or should I say Victor Meldrew? It’s a great strategy and certainly builds a relationship with an audience that has one eye on endangered species. The fact that one of the Ts sold out in less than 5 minutes says it all! #keepupwiththetimes #emotionalengagement


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