Why your business needs geolocation


By 2020, it’s estimated that around 4.8 billion people globally will own a smartphone – creating a potential for retailers and SMEs to sell to almost half the world’s population.

While attracting mobile customers to your business online is one thing, ensuring they convert and actually make a transaction is another. Ensuring your site is as mobile friendly as possible is essential in today’s convenience-driven world, so focusing efforts on making mobile checkouts and forms quick and frictionless should be treated with utmost priority.

Mobiles are a useful way to identify a consumer’s current location, and capturing accurate data in your checkout or online forms is vital for a successful customer experience. For example, typos and misspellings, and incorrect addresses can cause a plethora of issues – namely failed or late deliveries, or recourses spent on manually amending poor data.

This is where Loqate comes in. It has created an innovative geolocation technology which eliminates the need for customers to type an address into your mobile forms or checkout. It is an add-on feature to Loqate’s address verification tool, specifically designed with mobile users in mind. The smart technology uses single-tap next generation technology that allows your customers to find their current location in your checkout or online forms, and in just one click, they can return the entire accurate address, correctly formatted, without the need to type any characters whatsoever.

The customer’s location is found using their mobile device GPS signal, and latitude and longitude results are returned, providing the complete accurate address. The data is enhanced using AddressBase Premium – the most accurate geographic dataset of addresses in the UK, which holds over 39 million addresses.

Consumers want their online experience to be as easy and frictionless as possible, and in an age where consumers want more, now, it is essential for businesses to meet their expectations or lose out to a competitor. Loqate’s geolocation technology not only delivers this, it also minimises cognitive load and greatly reduces address entry errors.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of geolocation and how it will help you improve your mobile business.



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