Sainsbury’s reduces plastic packaging in fresh flower bouquets

Sainsbury's plastic packaging trial
The Big 4 grocer introduces paper wrapping as a replacement
// Sainsbury’s cuts down plastic packaging for fresh flower bouquets across 167 stores
// The plastic reduction is part of a 12-week trial
// The grocer has removed more than 10 tonnes of plastic across more than 1 million bouquets

Sainsbury’s has reduced plastic packaging for its fresh flower bouquets across 167 stores as part of a 12-week trial.

The grocer has removed more than 10 tonnes of plastic across more than one million bouquets in a bid to become more sustainable.

The trial will assess customer demand and supplier experience.


Sainsbury’s has also committed to reducing plastics by up to 50 per cent by 2025, across its food operations.

The Big 4 grocer will introduce paper wrapping, which will be used to replace the plastic, to suppliers.

“Our customers have made it clear that they want us to reduce plastic packaging – developing a more sustainable solution to minimise plastic on fresh flowers is a further step in the right direction,” director of Sainsbury’s brand, Judith Batchelar said.

“This initiative is very much a testing and learning activity for us, so we will be seeking feedback from customers as well as getting a better understanding of how our supply chain manages the new packaging throughout.

“This latest trial supports our broader goal of reducing, reusing, replacing and recycling more plastic,” she said.

In addition, Sainsbury’s has revealed it is removing all plastic bags from online grocery deliveries from the start of October.

The grocer is currently working alongside the government and other businesses to support research and innovation in packaging to find sustainable alternatives to plastic.

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