Asda to pay coronavirus-isolated staff in full; concessions given rent holiday

Coronavirus: Self-isolated Asda workers will still be given full pay
Asda revealed a package of measures it is implementing to help support its staff and other workers whose jobs have been impacted by the pandemic.
// Asda confirms that any staff in isolation due to coronavirus will be paid in full
// Grocer will also pay suppliers immediately to help with their cashflow during the pandemic
// Small business tenants that operate concessions in Asda stores will be given 3-month rent holiday

Asda has said workers in isolation due to coronavirus will still be paid in full, and suppliers will be paid immediately while concession operators will be given a rent-free quarter.

The Big 4 retailer revealed a package of measures it is implementing to help support its staff and other workers whose jobs have been impacted by the pandemic.

Chief executive Roger Burnley praised the “incredible efforts” of retail and distribution workers and announced they would receive full pay if they need to isolate.


Where workers have been identified as being part of a vulnerable group and need to self-isolate, they will receive full pay for the full 12 weeks.

“I could not be any more grateful for the efforts each and every one of my colleagues is going to right now to support and serve the people of the UK and the last thing I want any of them worrying about is being paid if they need to self-isolate as a result of coronavirus,” Burnley said.

Asda said it had also started working with a number of national companies to offer temporary jobs to people, in view of the “significant demands” being placed on supermarkets.

The grocer’s employees are also being encouraged to invite friends and family whose work has been impacted by the coronavirus crisis to get in touch with their local Asda store about job opportunities.

Asda also announced it would be paying its small suppliers immediately to help them keep their business operating.

In addition, it will provide a rent-free quarter to around 250 small business tenants that operate concessions across its stores.

“Never in my 30 years in retail have I ever felt so keenly the role played by supermarkets in our communities,” Burnley said.

“The way our colleagues are working to support the nation is incredible and I want to support them and those closest to them who are experiencing the other end of this crisis and need work.

“Where we can provide opportunities for employment, even short term, to help people through this period, we want to play our part, and where we are able to reduce the strain on our smaller suppliers and tenants, we will do so.”

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  1. My wife worked for Asda 25 years needs to self isolate because she’s a risk to me they told her she only getting 2 weeks pay then she has to use her holiday.sge has immune problems too but not as serious as how can you make this claim which is absolutely a load of rubbish and a false statement.

    • Interesting you say this. I was informed by gmb it was 12 weeks full pay however my store say I have to use 3 weeks holiday as part of the 12 weeks! Was going to self isolate as I am diabetic and at higher risk. My husband is lucky enough to be working at home. He is also diabetic. Now feel I am in a position where I might have to go to work but fear that I won’t be able to social distance myself from customers (2 metres)

      • Just got my letter from Government to say isolate myself for 12 Weeks. Called Asda HR. Told me I have to use part of my holidays. Absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Steve you are talking total rubbish.
    Asda colleagues receive 12 weeks full pay as normal (depending on length of service). We have a 3 day wait period for sick passengers as per normal and other business. In this situation asda have removed the 3 day wait period for all colleagues isolating. If your partner is only receiving 2 weeks it could possibly be because she is a new starter.

    • Mike last week my wife who has Parkinson’s Disease was told she would have 12 weeks on full pay off work. Today 24/03 she has been told by Union that Asda has changed that back to 2 weeks along with many other conditions. They are treating reliable staff deplorably and putting their lives at risk.

      • That is exactly what they told my husband. We are both in the vilnera keep group and he is also my carer, but last week they said dont worry we know your off for 12 weeks and will be paid. He then had to phone 2 days ago and was told he needs to come back in 2 weeks time because protective screens were being put up, yes, but not in aisles, clocking in/out, staff room etc. They are not thinking about their staff at all. He was told if hes in the most vulnerable group he would be off for 12 weeks and get paid, if in the vulnerable group he would have to come back in 2 weeks. If he did not want to that was fine but would not be paid. How can Asda do that. He has asthma, high bp and I have diabetes, neuro problems and low immune.

  3. Hello so what are asda paying People who self isolate I have an existing health conditions including diabetes and epilepsy so puts me in the high risk category what will they pay me if I do self isolate ?

  4. They have not helped us they promised sanitation gloves and many other things we got nothing Asda don’t care about there staff

  5. I have worked for asda for 15 years , I have systemic lupus I am eventually going to have to self isolate will I get full pay as it says above .
    thanks sallyanne

  6. Asda told me if I self isolate I will just get statutory sick pay. They are waiting for a statement from Boris to pay you twelve weeks self isolation but you have to give up a quarter of your holiday for it, and that was in an email from careful Asda manager may say you will get paid but when you see your wage slip you probably won’t .

  7. And what about the Adsa Aces….you know the guys and girls who are actually making sure the stores are cleaned for the Asda workers and the public?

  8. So why would anh of their staff go in? For an extra weeks pay in June if they survive that long.. Asda is a greedy horrible company in my book

  9. My mom is over 70 but still working part time at Asda she has high blood pressure and diabetes she has advised Asda she will not be in for the 12 weeks the government has suggested also advising them she is not expecting pay. She has been contacted by Asda to advise maximum time she can self isolate is 14 days. This is not adhering to government policy

  10. My son who stays with me and my wife and two others works for asda he has been told he has to go to work even though I’m in the vulnerable group as I have copd and a heart condition how can this be right

  11. My family member works at Asda. She has been told not to take any days off unless she has any COVID-19 symptoms. What if she wishes to isolate and stay home to protect herself from this outbreak?

  12. I have worked for asda for 26 years what if you had your sick pay which renews on April will you still get paid for going into self isolation because my son was showing symptoms

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  14. My wife has just received a letter from her store hr manager stating 25% of her salary will be made up of her holiday entitlement. She is an extremely vulnerable person and was told by her store not to come in before she got her letter from NHS. H ow can ASDA say there staff are on 12 weeks full pay when ASDA are only actually paying 9 weeks of it. Extremely vulnerable people didn’t chose to be sent home they were told so why penalise them. Think ASDA need to rethink this. A letter is going to our local MP and i wonder what GMB have to say about this.

  15. Are you suffering from COPD Disease, And you want to get cured please kindly contact their Email: info @ herbal health remedies foundation .com

  16. Shameful how some colleagues have systematically abused this system, having 12 weeks off on full pay, only to come back and then take yet more time off self isolating (multiple times in some cases). Making up fictional heath conditions in order to cheat 12 weeks paid holiday. Hell, half of those that took the time off in our store had the utter audacity to continue to come shopping when they were supposed to be isolating! Sack the lot of the malingering wasters.

    And if I hear one more of them moaning that they didn’t get a “thankyou payment” or that they lost some holiday, im going to personally eject them from the store and make sure they don’t come back.

  17. I’m sorry but all these people getting 12 weeks off with full pay and still expecting to have all there holidays aswell what planet are you guys on.


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