Superdry: 59% Brits prefer sustainability to fast fashion

Superdry said it is "encouraging" to see that consumers are becoming increasingly more mindful about sustainability
// Superdry finds that consumers are leaning towards more quality-made fashion
// Superdry surveyed 1000 people across the UK
// 59% Brits said they preferred sustainably-made clothing

Superdry has found that an increased number of shoppers, particularly Gen Z consumers, are leaving fast fashion behind for more sustainable choices.

According to a new survey from Superdry, which surveyed 1000 people across the UK, 59 per cent preferred sustainably-made clothing.

Over a third of women and a fifth of men said most of their clothes are still categorised as fast fashion.

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However, lockdowns have affected purchasing habits, with 21 per cent of Brits saying they had purchased more fast fashion items since the start of the pandemic, rising to 42% among 16-24 year-olds.

Meanwhile, 74 per cent are purchasing either the same amount or fewer clothes than they usually would have done over the past year.

Some 62 per cent of those surveyed reported recycling their old clothes, 43 per cent said they actively look for ways to refresh their old clothes before buying new items and 34 per cent reported wearing sustainably made clothing.

Moreover, 46 per cent said they’d purchased sustainable clothing, and they were the most likely to agree that their purchases are affected by the working practices involved in the production of their clothes.

Superdry said it is “encouraging” to see that consumers are becoming increasingly more mindful about sustainability.

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